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Below you will find a number of documents which you can download:


How do I apply for a place at Goodrich Primary if my child is starting reception?

Your child will start school in the year in which they are 5. To apply for a place please contact the Herefordshire Admissions team. If you live in Gloucestershire please contact the Gloucestershire Admissions team, who will then liaise with Herefordshire on your behalf.

Hereford Admissions Website link(Herefordshire)

Information for parents Admission to primary school 2018 (Herefordshire)

How do I apply for a place at Goodrich CE Primary if my child is joining the school after reception?

If you would like your child to join us after the start of their reception year you need to firstly contact the school to find out if there is space in that year group. If there is you need to complete an In-year transfer form.  More information can be found on the county website.

 Admissions policy




Behaviour & Safety


British Values statement

In 2011 the government set out its ‘British values’ for life in modern Britain.

These were:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of other faiths and beliefs


At Goodrich, these values sit alongside our Christian foundation, our PSHE (personal, social and health education) our SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) teaching as well as safeguarding arrangements.

Children understand and apply these values through a range of learning opportunities. For example:

  • A ‘School Council’ where children nominate one another, vote for representatives and take part in developing the school
  • Our school rules, where children are taught to make good choices and understand that all are responsible for taking part in making our school a happy place to be
  • Enabling children to take part in a wide range of clubs of their choice
  • Having high expectations with regard to manners, behaviour and courtesy
  • Supporting children to discuss differences and disagreements and find a solution
  • Taking part in community initiatives such as ‘Scarecrow week’
  • Helping pupils to value their own physical well-being through high quality school meals and sports provision
  • Teaching children, on a regular basis, about the importance of the internet, social media and keeping safe
  • Making links with other schools, both in in the UK and abroad
  • Enabling parents and children to share in regular ‘Celebration assemblies’ where good attendance, learning behaviour and house success are all valued


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