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Collective Worship


“Collective Worship means helping others and discovering new things.” (Year 3 Pupil)

School prayer image

“We reflect and talk to God.” (Year 4 Pupil)

Our school prayer is central to our collective worship.

We think about our school and community.

Our worship times are led by our teachers, our local vicar and our children.

We welcome our families to share in worships celebrating our achievements and special times in the Christian calendar.

We listen to stories, take part in activities and sing hymns that help us to be TIPTOP learners.

We value each other and the contribution we all make to our school.

‘Christian values imbue the life of this school. They are lived and loved by the school community, and are enacted with sincerity.’ (SIAMS 2017)

‘The school’s distinctively Christian character and approach to schooling ensures that pupils think beyond themselves and they actively care for one another.’ (SIAMS 2017)

We sing songs and discuss important things.” (Year 2 Pupil)

‘The leadership of collective worship involves and embraces the entire school.’ (SIAMS 2017)

“We pray and have thinking time.” (Year 5 Pupil)

Please click the attached link to view our school’s Distinctive Christian Character leaflet .