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School Tour

Click on the different areas on the map to take a look at some photos:

Forest School The Amphitheatre The Maze The Veg Beds Junior Girls Cloakroom Maths Hub Car Park Sign Kitchen Hall Music Room Peregrines Junior Art Area Junior Boys Cloakroom Owls Woodpeckers Library Front of School Head Teachers’ Office Main Entrance Infant Art Area Robins Infant Cloakroom Wrens Outside Spaces The Girls! (Hens) Image Map


1. Car Park
2. Front of School
3. Main Entrance
4. Library
5. Head Teacher’s Office
6. Infant Art Area
7. Wrens
8. Infant Cloakroom
9. Robins
10. Woodpeckers
11. Owls
12. Junior Art Area
13. Junior Boys Cloakroom
14. Peregrines
15. Junior Girls Cloakroom
16. Maths Hub
17. Hall
18. Kitchen
19. Music Room
20. The Veg Beds
21. Forest School
22. The Amphitheatre
23. The Girls! (Hens)
24. Outside Spaces
25. The Maze


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