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Teaching, Curriculum and Assessment

Learning – Curriculum

Our curriculum is formed from the National Curriculum 2014. This document explains what the curriculum contains for both key stages. We have used it to develop our own planning, to meet the needs of our children and to further develop their thirst for learning. Curriculum maps for each key stage can be found below.

The new curriculum enables us to refine our plans, to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant to Goodrich children.  Full of exciting activities that allow children the opportunity to ‘bump into their talents’ whilst keeping in touch with current affairs and the wider world.

New Curriculum Maps are added to the class pages throughout the year and sent home.

SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Parent- End of Year Expectations for Reading, Writing & Maths Leaflets

More  information about our approach to learning

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  • Assessments which are accurate and effective are the cornerstone of learning. ‘Assessment for learning’ is at the heart of our practice. In essence this means quality first teaching where staff know exactly what children can do and where to take their learning next.
  • Children having a sound understanding of their own learning, knowing how well they are doing and how to improve is in integral part of this.
How is this achieved?
  • Through effective questioning
  • Through specific marking and feedback which children understand and act upon
  • Through children knowing their next steps
  • Through ‘assessment for learning’ where staff respond to children’s learning
  • Through a tracking system which enables comparators between groups and nationally in terms of attainment and progress over time
  • Through robust discussion, in school, of each child’s progress through a meeting every 60 days
  • Through careful analysis of group and cohort attainment and progress by all staff
  • Through sharing best practice and moderation via Wye Valley Learning Network.
  • Through consideration and benchmarking of best practice nationally
How is this shared with parents?
  • Termly parent meetings or reports
  • Curriculum termly plans and regular updates on the school newsletter
  • Twitter feed
How are governors’ enabled to make judgements?
  • Through linking with curriculum groups and being involved in the development and monitoring of the curriculum
  • Through rigorous analysis of data on termly Headteacher reports
  • Termly RAPs & impact analysis
How is this used to inform Ofsted inspections?
  • Inspectors will see how assessment, teaching and leadership are linked
  • Inspectors will be able to assess our judgments against national benchmarks